Video Guidlines

Need-to-knows for video submissions


Athletes who want to qualify for the Berlin Throwdown 2019 finals have to submit a video alongside their score submission.

While scores are being validated through your affiliate manager The Berlin Throwdown keeps the right to use video submissions for revalidation. Videos should be uploaded on a public platform (i.e. Youtube, Vimeo) and athletes must provide the link to the video.

It is the sole responsibility of the Athlete to ensure the timely and successful submission of their workout each week. Submissions that are incomplete or not verified will not be accepted.

Below are some guidelines and suggestions regarding the videos. Please note this is just a guide, it is the responsibility of the athlete to produce a video that is of sufficient quality and clearly shows the athlete adhering to the rules and movement standards.




  • Athlete must state name, division and affiliate.
  • All equipment used must be shown (per event details see below).
  • A timer must be in sight at all times (tip: if gym timer not available use a tablet. There’s several no-cost apps)


Requirements for valid video submissions

The qualification process is a competition environment. Have a judge in your video ready and able to give and show no-reps. Additional no-reps given at video reviewal will result in penalties and/or rejection of the video.

  • The video needs to be ongoing. Cutting the video will result in immediate disqualification
  • Both Athlete and Judge need to be in the video at all times during the WOD
  • The timer must be visible at all times once the workout starts
  • The Equipment needs to be in the video at all times
  • The judge must not touch or move the equipment, with the exception of activating the rowers display which is allowed



  • Youtube allows uploads longer than 15 minutes. There is a guide here:¬†
  • Upload videos with plenty of time to spare, uploading large video files can take a long time!
  • If you’re using a phone, set it to airplane mode to avoid unwanted interruptions during filming.
  • Ensure your filming device has enough battery life to film the entire WOD.